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Luke Walton Prosecutor Kelli Tennant: "I thought he was going to rape me"

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16:57 clock PT – We asked if there was evidence for a video or a photo to prove the case of Tennant, and her lawyer told us essentially no.

16:53 PT – Asked what they want to get out of the case, Tennant's lawyer says that they do not have a special amount in mind.

4:49 pm PT – Tennant says she has not gone to law enforcement because she fears she might jeopardize her career.

Tennant's lawyer says they do not intend to file a police report because they do not want to jail Walton.

4:43 pm PT – Tennant says she did not come first because "I was scared".

"I was worried about my job, my safety and what my job would be like."

She claims that for years she tried to get over the incident and "bury" him – but she could not. She says she finally gathered the courage to tell her story.

4:40 pm PT – Kelli Tennant became emotional as she told her story … and told how she felt that Walton would "rape" her during the hotel meeting.

Tennant says she madly asked Walton to let her go, but ignored her requests … until she finally gave up and left her out of the hotel room.

"That kind of behavior can not be tolerated," Tennant said.

16:33 pm PT – Kelli says the alleged sexual assault took place in 2014, when she was 25 years old.

Her lawyer says it was uncomfortable for her to come forward, but she feels well now.

Kelli says she met Luke Walton about 10 years ago by the volleyball community.

The woman is accused Luke Walton The Sexual Assault will talk to the media at 4:30 pm PT … and TMZ Sports will stream the whole thing live.

Kelli Tennant and her lawyer Garo Mardirossian, will hold a press conference in his Los Angeles office, they announced. They both plan to speak.

Mardirossian has just released a statement to the press conference stating, "Through this lawsuit, Tennant volunteers to tell #timesup about the culture of abusing women in the NBA."

We've broken the story … Tennant – a longtime sports reporter – claims Walton sexually harassed She was in a hotel room in Santa Monica when he was assistant to the Golden State Warriors.

Walton has found a lawyer and stubbornly rejected the allegations – with his lawyer, who attacked the prosecutor as "opportunists".

There are tons of unanswered questions … What was the time of the attack? Is there a photo of video evidence? Witnesses etc.

Originally published – 16:19 PT


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