Lumibird, the surprise guest in the capital of the CILAS nugget

Lumibird is invited to the capital of CILAS. The discreet Breton company, which claims to be the European champion of lasers, signed an exclusivity agreement with Areva to acquire its 37% stake in CILAS, also held by ArianeGroup. This is a real snub to Safran and MBDA, who are also eyeing the CILAS nugget. This acquisition will strengthen the key position of Lumibird in Europe on defense and civilian markets “, Lumibird explained in a press release on Monday. This acquisition will allow the emergence of a new player of critical size in this sector. The finalization of the acquisition, subject to administrative authorizations for use, should take place in the coming days.

For Marc Le Flohic, CEO and founder of Lumibird, “The acquisition of Areva’s stake in CILAS is a decisive strategic step in our merger project. It reinforces our vision of a sovereign laser industry, based on agile industrial players, capable of developing their technologies both in the defense and space markets, but also in many civil markets (aeronautics, industrial, medical, …)

The complementarity of CILAS ‘technological portfolios and Lumibird will make it possible to benefit from dual technological synergies (civil and military) and “will constitute an offer and a development capacity in laser subsystems and components unparalleled in Europe, with human, technical and industrial resources to best meet the expectations of players in the sector”, according to Lumibird. “This acquisition will allow the emergence of a new player of sufficient critical size to effectively serve the interests of major French integrators as well as those of European states”, argued Marc Le Flohic.

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Lumibird has an appetite

Resulting from the merger in October 2017 between Keopsys and Quantel, Lumibird, which is one of the world’s leading laser specialists, does not intend to stop at the acquisition of CILAS. “The completion of this transaction will pave the way for the acquisition of other European technological nuggets that could enrich and accelerate this development model”, explained the CEO of the Breton company, which achieved more than 126 million euros in turnover in 2020 and employs more than 800 people.

With 50 years of experience and mastering solid-state laser, diode laser and fiber laser technologies, this company designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance laser solutions for scientific (research laboratories, universities), industrial ( production, defense / space, Lidar sensors) and medical (ophthalmology, ultrasound diagnostics). She is here in Europe, America and Asia.