Lunar eclipse in Saudi Arabia

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Witness the sky of Saudi Arabia and the Arab region, Friday evening, the astronomical phenomenon of the second of the 4 this year, which is the phenomenon of an eclipse of the semi-shadow of the moon.

It is reported that a lunar eclipse as defined by scientists, it is about the astronomical event occurs when the eclipsed shadow of the Earth reflected sunlight on the moon in normal conditions explained The Astronomical Society in Jeddah, in a report published on its page on the social networking site “Facebook”, that the eclipse semi-shadow occurs when the moon moves the outer part pale shadow of the Earth labeled “semi-shade”, during this type of loss will be less illumination of the moon a little bit, but the pinch will remain lit by the sun during the duration of the eclipse.

In clarification of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah and noted that this loss occurs two days after the fall of the moon in perigee, the closest point in its orbit about the Earth, so will the size of his phenomenon largest by 3.3% from the expected” , the report continued that the stages of loss will occur at the same time in all regions where it will start loss in the entry of the moon in the area of semi shadow of the Earth at 08:45 pm / 5:45 pm GMT / won’t notice any change, will the moon as usual .

He continued the report of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah: “will the moon to the moment type to ensure a “full moon” at 10:12 PM (07:12 pm GMT) and will cut half of its orbit around the earth during the month, which is the last full moon during spring and before summer.


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