Lunar New Year’s “Spring Festival Banquet” is about to be broadcast, popular stars such as Zhao Liying, Xiao Jiang absent

The lineup of performers has been revealed one after another from the special program called “banquet” broadcast by each station during the Lunar New Year, including the state-run Central Television (CCTV)’s “Spring Festival Party”. .

CCTV’s “Spring Festival Party”, which is broadcast on the night of the New Year’s Eve, started in 1983, and is also referred to as “China’s Red and White Singing Contest” in Japan. On the 19th, just before the broadcast on the 21st of this month, the 5th rehearsal was held. Yang Zi), Qin Ran (Qin Lan), Song Yi (Song Yi), Zhao Jinmai (Zhao Jinmai), Song Zuer (Song Zuer), etc. Actors Wang Baoqiang (Wang Baoqiang), Ou Hao (European/Australian), Wu Lei (Wu Lei), Huang Bo (Huang Bo) and others participated. In particular, Yang Zu attends every rehearsal, so it is speculated that he has a fairly important position in the program and may appear for a long time.

Zhao Liying is a “Banquet” broadcasted by Beijing Satellite TV on the 22nd, which is the first day of the Chinese New Year, and has shown its popularity as an image character for the program this year.

Singer and actor Xiao Jiang appeared on CCTV in 2020 and on Oriental Satellite TV’s “Banquet” in 2021, but did not appear last year. Since he did not show up for the rehearsal of each station this time, it is believed that he will not appear.

According to Chinese media, last year, due to the guidance of the Chinese authorities, there was a tendency to refrain from appearing in the “flowing star” (a star with a high traffic effect that is popular on SNS), which is also used in a negative sense to indicate “non-class”. . However, this year, each station has appointed many stars who are popular among the younger generation. (Mathilda)

The Lunar New Year’s “Spring Festival Banquet” is about to be broadcast, with stars such as Zhao Liying and Xiao Jiang absent. The Banquet will feature a variety of performances, from singing and dancing to comedy skits and musicals. There will also be a special segment dedicated to the elderly and a tribute to the heroes of the pandemic. As the Banquet is broadcasted across China, it will be a great way to celebrate the Lunar New Year and bring joy to people all over the country.