Lux Express resumes traffic between Riga and Tartu

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According to Raita Remmel, the international business manager of “Lux Express”, the bus line with the destination at Riga airport will be renovated. “The possibility to easily get to the airport” Riga “makes the trip significantly more pleasant and comfortable for a person who starts a trip from Tartu or Southern Estonia.”

Initially, flights between Tartu and Riga are planned until the end of the summer, but if there is a demand, the route can be open all year round. “The Tartu-Riga route is directly related to our departure to Russia, so that passengers can get from Riga via Tartu to St. Petersburg or Moscow. As the eastern border will remain closed for an indefinite period of time, we hope that there will be enough passengers between Riga and Tartu, even without the possibility to continue the journey to the east, “added Remmels.

The most popular of Lux Express international flights after an emergency is the Tallinn-Riga route, followed by a bus line between Riga and Vilnius.

“On the Vilnius – Warsaw route, which was opened two weeks ago after the emergency, passengers have started to travel more actively, but in international business, recovery to the pre-emergency level may take even longer than expected. We hope that people will increasingly prefer convenient, stress-free and environmentally friendly bus transport between cities. In this way, we can also offer more routes and more flexible travel options, “Remmels noted.

The Riga-Tartu bus service departs from Riga International Bus Station at 18.45 and arrives at Tartu Bus Station at 22.45. The Tartu-Riga bus service departs from Tartu Bus Station at 6.25 and arrives at Riga International Bus Station at 10:20.

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