Luxury cars, Louis Vuitton and Dior handbags, Rolex and Bulgari watches and approximately €1 million in cash seized from drug mafia | Exclusively for subscribers

“There is no longer any doubt: international and even global organized crime is clearly very present in Belgium,” said Eric Snoeck, director-general of the Federal Judicial Police after the massive police action on Tuesday. “We already knew that the port of Antwerp is the largest import port for cocaine, but we now clearly see that the mafia is active throughout the country and that it is expanding its activities to Brussels.” Our capital has become an important center for the international cocaine trade, as it turns out. 1,100 agents have raided 114 locations since Tuesday morning from 5 a.m., mainly in Brussels, but also in Wallonia and one in Deurne. The goal: “To destabilize the cocaine trade to Belgium as much as possible”, according to the federal prosecutor.