Luxury SUV “Strela” 2022 has already been declassified on video before the debut

Photos of the Russian Strela SUV of the 2022 model year have been declassified on the Web. The renders are currently by an independent designer, so it is not known whether the model will be mass-produced or not.

The armored vehicle is made on the basis of the previously produced Russian Gazelle. The car will be equipped with a diesel power unit, called Cummins. Its power is 157 horsepower. It is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox.

The power unit was placed deeper and lower, which increased the controllability of the vehicle. This technical solution allows you to make the operation comfortable. Off-road, this car is simply perfect, because the driver and passengers feel confident and calm.

The trunk is very roomy, it opens with the help of a rising glass, a folding side is also provided. The car can safely carry various goods without creating difficulties for the driver. In the interior, high-quality fabric material was used for decoration, as well as durable black plastic.

The independent designer is confident that such an SUV will be in demand among off-road enthusiasts who will appreciate the perfect combination of technical parameters and brutal appearance.