Luz Elena González on Luis Miguel: I couldn’t fall in love

The actress Luz Elena González recently recalled the times when was girlfriend of one of the most coveted singles in Latin America: the singer Luis Miguel.

The also vocalist was questioned about it on the television program Ventaneando, on TV Azteca.

Luz Elena González maintained a relationship with Luis Miguel for only two months.

The artist confessed that the circumstances were not adequate for her to forget the former star of “The Lord of the Skies”, Rafael Amaya, her previous partner.

“Who falls in love in two months? I think you get excited, “he said Luz Elena González. “I was done with Rafa [Amaya] at that time and she was very much in love with Rafael; we had been dating for two years, I wanted to marry him. I remember that I had finished with him and I was so in love that it didn’t matter what happened, whoever passed through my life that I couldn’t fall in love with anyone ”.

Luz Elena González he remembered how that relationship began.

“Jaime Camil introduced him to me (…) At some point, he told me that Luis Miguel asked him about me, or something like that. And he said ‘she’s my friend and I know her’. And Luis Miguel told him “a little”, and Jaime invited me to Acapulco to meet him; We went to a dinner, my sister was with me ”.

Even though the courtship of Luz Elena González and Luis Miguel did not turn into something more serious, the actress says she remembers him fondly.

“He is a nice person. What I lived with him was beautiful. It was a great experience (…) I don’t know what happened because we are completely different people. I couldn’t travel with him, nor could he stay with me. We are very different. I think it’s wonderful to meet such successful people and legends like him in life, “he added.




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