Lv Jue’an and Zheng Zhongji’s anti-tricky KB: Playing “Star Making” are all nervous (13:14)-20211016-SHOWBIZ

Lu Juean (Edan) was previously filmed by KB (Li Jianhong) “Blow Your Kidney” and collaborated with Zheng Zhongji to make a tricky film, but it turns out that Edan became a victim only by Zheng Zhongji’s scheming, and Zheng Zhongji’s real trick is KB. Edan cooperated with Zheng Zhongji’s plan, after successfully pretending to be tricked by KB, he then countered the tricky KB according to Zheng Zhongji’s script.

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Edan uploaded a photo with KB, Zheng Zhongji, Shu Wen, manager Hua Jie (Huang Huijun), etc. on social platforms last night, frankly saying that it was “Playing “Stars” is not nervous“I am very afraid that I will be exposed by KB, and the entire operation will fail.

He said, “I think the most difficult scene to do is when KB enters and I pretend to be a surprise. I know that it is a process, but I have to pretend to be “OMG! I’m so surprised!” KB, you are so bad! You play me like this! I think it’s weird, I’m scared to death, but I’m really sing awkwardly, I’m so happy. “Wow, I’m so hard.” I don’t know if I’m going to be too fake, and I don’t know that I don’t believe it, I’m really very worried. However, the final plan of Lucky Lottery was successful! Thank you Hua Sister and Zheng Zhongji Carry! It’s really fun and I look forward to the next cooperation. “

Edan recalled that the film company owner Alex and music producer Shu Wen did not know that he was working with Zheng Zhongji on the anti-tricky KB. After seeing that he was unhappy after being tricked, he constantly comforted him not to worry about trivial matters, saying that after the clip went out of the street There will be no impact. Edan said: “At a moment, I finally realized that I was crying and laughing, so I had to listen in silence, so in the end, the two of them were the two most broken down, and the two of them were really super kind!”

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Edan finally urged friends who hadn’t watched the show to watch it quickly. He added: “Participating in “Kidney Burst” is definitely a life achievement unlock!”

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