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Abundant and of high quality is the Venezuelan baseball talent, a reality that also concerns Tiburones de La Guaira.

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As a result of the recent signings announced by its general manager César Collins, much enthusiasm has been generated in the escuala fans, thirsty and anxious to put an end to the 36-year drought without titles, the longest that has been seen in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP).

All this has led us to reflect on how the cast that manager Henry Blanco has at his disposal could be, in the event that everyone can play simultaneously, this is what the lineup and reserve would look like:

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C: Francisco Arcia

1B: Juan Yepez

2B: Miguel Rojas

3B: Ehire Adrianza

SS: Alcides Escobar

LF: Danry Vasquez

CF: Yonathan Daza

RF: Oswaldo Cabrera

BD: Ronald Acuña Jr.

Reservations: Diego Cartaya (C), Rafael Marchán (C) Israel Pineda (C), Juan Fernández (C), Ricardo Genovés (C), Wilson García (1B), Brayan Rocchio (INF), Ángel Aguilar (INF), Daniel Mayora ( INF), Yolmer Sánchez (INF), Gabriel Arias (INF), Franklin Barreto (INF), Kelvin Meleán (INF), Kenneth Betancourt (INF), Aaron Bracho (INF), Aiverson Rodriguez (INF), Maikel Garcia (INF), Lorenzo Cedrola (OF), Diego Infante (OF), Luis Matos (OF), Hedbert Perez (OF), Leobaldo Cabrera (OF). ).

In the case of Ronal Acuña Jr. we make a parenthesis; Let us remember that his desire to dress in uniform is manifest and in that sense, Collins specified that everything depends on the permission of the Atlanta Braves.

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Motivated by the knee injury suffered in 2021, if the request is granted, it is logical to deduce that the Tomahawks would impose as a condition that their franchise player perform exclusively in the role of designated hitter.

As we can see, the Sharks will have plenty of material, will this be the year? What do you think, how would you put together your line up?