L'West more expensive


According to the latest statistics from the observatory of prices of real estate notary services, without surprise, the Western region is still comfortably in the lead of the most expensive areas of the island, but the prices vary greatly depending on the common. It takes on average between 2170 and up to 2870 euros per square meter for an old apartment.

Saint-Leu, count 148 000 euros in average for 59m2, is 2480 euros per square meter. Saint-Paul, fares soar across the ceiling : the square meter is displayed at 3190 euros, or 174 400 euros to 55m2.
as a logical Consequence, the new flats are also more expensive than elsewhere : Saint-Leu, count 4650 euros per square meter (+9.3%), and 4560 euros to Saint-Paul (+4.8 per cent). Ditto for the old houses : one hundred square metres is negotiated between 130 000 euros (at the Port) and 284 400 € (to St. Paul).
But it is still in Saint-Leu that prices have most exploded : +17.3% in one year. The North is the second region most dear to the South. In Saint-Denis, apartments old appear to be 1950 euros per square meter on average for 362 transactions, perfect stability relative to 2016. To 53m2, count 102 500 euros. In the new, the prices have dropped a good (-6,3%) : with a square meter 3830 euros, a 58m2 appears to 199 000 euros.

On the other hand, the old houses are run, the prices have gone up 11.3% : you would have to pay 267 000 euros for a house of 100m2. Sainte-Marie, a former house of 106m2 is trading at 245 000 euros (+3.2% compared to 2016).
In the South, prices have begun to rise in sensitive (+7,5%). It is necessary to count 2180 euros per square metre in Saint-Pierre and 1510 euros in the Buffer for an old apartment. Opposite pattern in the nine : the prices decreased by 8%, placing the square metre at 3800 euros in the capital of the south. In older homes, it will cost 216 000 euros for 100m2 in Saint-Pierre, but 160 000 euros to the Buffer.

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