“Lying and juggling”: Russians do not believe the data on the decline mortality from cancer

“Lying and juggling”: Russians do not believe the data on the decline
 mortality from cancer

Information on the fact that in the country for the first time in three years the mortality from strokes, heart attacks and cancer has decreased, Rosstat published Residents of Russia began to die less often from cancer, cerebral hemorrhages and cardiovascular diseases. This is evidenced by statistics collected by Rosstat and published on Tuesday, March 13.
According to the department, which leads the newspaper “News” , in 2017, 289 thousand people died of cancer. This is 3.5% less than a year earlier, state officials say. According to official statistics, the death rate from cancers dropped for the first time in five years below 200 – 196.9 cases per one hundred thousand of the population.
The Ministry of Health stated that they associate such an improvement in the situation with mass medical examination, during which citizens are checked, including oncological diseases. The procedure allows you to identify many types of cancer in the early stages, when their treatment is most effective.
The improved level of diagnostics has led to the fact that the number of registered cases has increased in statistics. Experts noted that the number of cancer diagnoses per 100,000 people in 2016 is about 39% higher than in 2006.
Earlier, on March 12, Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova stated that the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases had significantly decreased in the country. According to her, over the past five years, the death rate from strokes was reduced by 25%, and from heart attacks by 17%.
Meanwhile, in social networks and blogs in recent weeks, a lot of publications appeared, whose authors – employees of medical institutions and their acquaintances living in different regions of the country – told about the secret order received by them “from their superiors”. According to the testimony of Russians, pathologists working on the issue of death certificates were instructed, whenever possible, to indicate in the “cause of death” column not the oncological or cardiovascular diagnoses suffered by the deceased, but others, for example, concomitant diseases. For non-compliance with this order, doctors are threatened with dismissal.
Thus, the authors of posts assure, medical officials seek to improve statistics on mortality from cardiac diseases and oncology.

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