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Lylo seeks to "uber" dubbing on television

It is a discreet society, which we only notice below the credits. Created in 2012, Lylo is one of the small players specialized in dubbing and subtitling in strong growth, with a turnover up 25% in 2018 over one year, to about 12.5 million euros. It has the ambitious goal of multiplying it by five by 2020.

The young company of 70 employees only works on series "Where there are tremendous economies of scale possible. We can for example record all episodes in one day for the same actor »says Grégoire Parcollet, its leader. This is the case for the cartoon "Abby Hatcher", where the dialogues of the entirety of a season could be recorded in a few days.

Another particularity of Lylo: he works mainly with foreign actors and not traditional television channels. For example, it has a multi-year contract
with Viacom (Nickelodeon, MTV, etc.)

    to translate all productions in French, and also with Discovery (Discovery Channel …). The company is one of Netflix's subcontractors and is in discussions with Amazon. Lylo for example dubbed "Grace and Frankie" (with Jane Fonda), or "How I Met Your Mother",
the "Patrol Pat" …

The company has been strongly criticized by some authors or professionals in its sector, for seeking to uberise the activity. What Grégoire Parcollet totally assumes. "We have introduced more technologies, to automate tasks, and to involve more customers in tracking"explains the leader.

Fundraising in preparation

Owned by the latter with his associates (68%), by the
Breega investment funds

   , as well as personalities of the audio-visual one (in particular Bertrand Méheut, president of the PMU, ex-boss of Canal +), the company hopes to make a fundraising of 4 million this year.

Its goal is to accelerate research and technological development and open new offices in Spain, Poland and Russia. Lylo targets 40 languages ​​by 2022, including rare languages. "Each additional language will allow us to substantially increase our revenues, picks up Lylo's boss. For example, the average budget for a series for Netflix is ​​100,000 euros for each language. "

Specializing in dubbing into French, she also aims to develop into English by opening a studio in California. "For a long time it was quite rare to translate to English. But with the growth of Netflix, which buys series around the world, dubbing into Shakespeare's language has exploded. "he concludes.


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