Lynx: Under 17 years old receives three bullet wounds while waiting for his mobility

A minor under the age of 17 was shot in the middle of a public road in the district of Lince. The National Police reported that the teenager with the initials JMST was sitting at the intersection of Arequipa and Risso avenues, when two individuals on their motorcycles fired 24 shots, although the victim received three bullet wounds.

Hans Padilla, commander of the Lince police station, informed RPP that the young man was waiting for a bus that would take him to Rímac when he was attacked by two subjects not yet identified by the Police.

“According to the version of the passers-by, the young man was waiting for a bus bound for the Rimac and in that two motorcycles aboard two occupants fired shots at the victim who has been helped to the Javier Prado clinic At the moment, according to the specialists, he has three bullet wounds, at the height of the chest, another in the abdomen and in the left leg,” he said.

On the other hand, it was learned that the teenager has no criminal record and the subjects who attacked him did not strip him of his belongings. Last Saturday there was also a similar event in the same area of ​​Risso, although the victim on that occasion was not injured.

Injured person on Canevaro avenue

One person was injured in the early hours of October 26 after a shooting on the fifth block of Canevaro avenue in the Lince district.

The event occurred when a motorcycle, in which two men were traveling, fired several shots at a black door of the house, with number 572; and then flee in an unknown direction.

An unidentified man who was passing by the place was affected by one of the bullet wounds. The injured man, still conscious, was transferred to the Rebagliati Hospital for the necessary care.

Minutes later, two women left the attacked house and boarded a motorcycle, which apparently had come to pick them up.

Some residents of the place expressed their discomfort after stating their suspicions that clandestine prostitution is practiced in the aforementioned house on Avenida Canevaro.

Motorcycle taxi driver murdered

Crime continues in other districts of Lima. A new murder stained the streets of San Martín de Porres with blood (SMP), exactly on Avenida 25 de Enero, a few meters from a Repsol faucet located two blocks from the Infants oval.

The victim was a motorcycle taxi driver who was parked near the aforementioned faucet, when two presumed hitmen They arrived aboard a motorcycle and, without saying a word, shot him at point blank range, which caused his death on the spot.