Lyon formalizes three departures

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The LOU Rugby season has come to an end since the play-off match lost against Bordeaux-Bègles. It’s time for the club to look at what’s next, but also to say goodbye to the departing players. And that is why the club formalized several departures, including that of Lima Sopoaga.

Disappointed hopes

Arrived in 2021 in the Rhône, the New Zealand international was eagerly awaited. But his recruitment will ultimately have been a disappointment since he will have been only a double for Léo Berdeu, a status unworthy of his status as All Black. Berdeu’s serious injury allowed him to come back a little on the front of the stage, but it was not enough.

Lima Sopoaga therefore leaves Lyon, at the same time as Tavite Veredamu and Temo Mayanavanua, whose departures have also been formalized.

To sum up

The LOU Rugby season is over, and the club has announced the departure of three players. Among these players, we note that there is Lima Sopoaga. The All Black, who was eagerly awaited in 2021, will never have succeeded in establishing himself as a part of the workforce.

2023-06-08 15:41:24
Lyon formalizes three departures

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