Lyon : Gusto, mention encouragement – Football

Considered one of the most promising players of his generation, Malo Gusto is living his first season as a starter. If he is praised for his offensive activity, the right side of Olympique Lyonnais will have to work seriously to erase his defensive mistakes.

Malo Gusto made correct copies with OL.

He is not yet a manager, but Malo Gusto is already a potential starter with Olympique Lyonnais. At 19, the right-back has made a place for himself in the starting lineup of Peter Bosz and then Laurent Blanc, pushing Lo Dubois towards Galatasaray. If his offensive qualities were quickly noticed, his defensive mistakes also made people talk. Enough to attract some criticism.

The quest for progress

I do not cash because I do not necessarily pay attention to these criticisms. I mainly listen to my coaches and the people who are there to help me progress. Now I knew what I needed to improve since the start of the season. Defensively, I have to be more sure and calm. I always knew that I had to work on this point and I continue explained the Gone for the Olympique-et-Lyonnas site.

The main interested party mentioned the difficulty for a full-back to meet the expectations of current football. These people, we can not blame them, they do not realize. I know they are right in the sense that when you are a full-back you have to defend well. Afterwards, each side has its own characteristics. I know that I have often been inclined to attack but to be a good player in this position, you have to be as complete as possible and that’s what I try to do. added the Lyonnais.

Erase the faults

For this, Gusto redoubles its efforts. I do a lot of video, watching the players who move in my position and who perform. I also look at what I did well and what I did less well during my matches. I try to take good care of myself physically, to eat well so that I can be 100% on match days. In training, I work a lot tactically to be able to evolve in the right direction , finished the Lyonnais. The international truce comes at a time to work on these faults and come back stronger.

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