Lyon: self-service electric scooters now prohibited for minors

Faced with the risks, the city has chosen to act. The municipality of Lyon has decided to prohibit people under the age of 18 from using self-service electric scooters, reveals the site

The private operators authorized in the city, Dott and Tier, therefore now have the obligation to ensure that their users are of legal age. You must therefore take a photo of your ID to be able to scan the QR Code to unlock the machine. A specialized company is then responsible for verifying the user’s identity very quickly, as is sometimes the case for certain online purchases.

A first experiment last year

Both applications allow, as a document, the identity card, passport or driver’s license.

This change required “several months of discussions with the operators”, indicated Valentin Lungenstrass, deputy mayor in charge of mobility, interviewed by the news site. According to Dott, his scooters were already banned for those under 18, but there was simply no control until now. An experiment with identity verification had already been carried out in 2021, the company recalled to

In August, two minors were killed in Lyon riding a scooter after being hit by an ambulance.