M Taufik Finally Admits He Will Leave Gerindra, Moves to NasDem

The Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta DPRD Examined by the KPK Regarding the Land Corruption Case. ©2021 Fithriansyah – Politician Gerindra M Taufik finally admitted that he would move to the NasDem Party. Previously he was shy to reveal it.

The reason Taufik moved to NasDem is because the political party created by Surya Paloh seems to be carrying the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan in the 2024 presidential election.

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“When I made a choice, my shift was definitely to the nationalists too. One of the nationalist parties is NasDem. I happened to see it close to 2024 to Anies. This is somewhat in line with my thoughts. I was praying for Anies,” said Taufik in the discussion. Gaspol which was broadcast on YouTube, Tuesday (31/5).

Taufik admits that many parties in Jakarta have invited him to join the former leadership of the DPRD. However, his choice strengthened to NasDem due to his political affinity with Anies for the 2024 presidential election.

Currently, he is still a cadre Gerindra. However, Taufik will declare his resignation as a member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD Faction Gerindra around the birthday of Jakarta or June 22 next.

“Yes, it’s better for me to resign from the DPRD. Yes, when will I resign, the question is? It’s Jakarta’s birthday,” said Taufik.

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Immediately resign from the DKI DPRD

Taufik immediately resigned from Gerindra also because he wants to show consistency in supporting Anies Baswedan as a presidential candidate for 2024. Because his attitude is different from Gerindra who carries Prabowo Subianto.

“I resigned from the DPRD, so that I would be consistent. I encouraged Mr. Anies to run for president. Why? So that the people have good choices. Now, but on the one hand. If I stay in this party, the Gerindra party won’t run for Anies, I won’t. be consistent. When I keep pushing my party or not, I have to be consistent,” he concluded.

As previously reported, a politician from Jakarta who knew exactly what Taufik was planning to do, leaked it. Taufik’s departure from Gerindra is not a figment.

A number of meetings have been held. Including the NasDem Party officials. “It’s not just a conversation, it’s more than that,” said a source at

He, who is also a Gerindra politician, said that the upheaval of divisions in the party began with the removal of Taufik as chairman of the DPD Gerindra DKI Jakarta.

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Tit for tat. A source at the NasDem DPP even said that M Taufik would soon meet with the chairman of NasDem, Surya Paloh, to discuss the move.

However, several things are currently being considered carefully. One of them is NasDem’s support in the 2024 presidential election. This includes Anies Baswedan’s consideration.

At the KAHMI event last February, M Taufik openly prayed for Anies Baswedan to become president. Not only that, M Taufik also prayed for Airin Rachmi Diany to become governor of DKI Jakarta.

As is known, Gerindra supports Prabowo Subianto as a presidential candidate in the 2024 General Election. As for the Cagub DKI, Gerindra has the name Ahmad Riza Patria.

This source said that the transfer of M Taufik’s carriage to NasDem would only be seen after Anies Baswedan stepped down from his position. “Around October, just pray,” he said.

A politician in the Gerindra DPP admitted that there was an internal turmoil within his party in Jakarta. But according to him, this is just a normal dynamic. However, he did not agree if M Taufik had to change boats. “It needs to be reconciled,” he said.

Gerindra Deputy, Desmond J Mahesa made a strong statement. He fully supports Taufik if he changes boats to NasDem.

In fact, according to him, Taufik does not have a big contribution anymore for the party created by Prabowo Subianto. “I support him moving to NasDem. I support him that he is useless at Gerindra,” said Desmond.

Meanwhile, the Head of the NasDem Java 1 (Banten, DKI) Election Winning Territory, A Effendy Choirie, said that his party will provide a red carpet for all Indonesian citizens who want to join his party.

Regarding M Taufik’s news, Effendy admitted that he did not know the details. Including the planned meeting between Surya Paloh and M Taufik.

“From any religion, any ethnicity, from any party, if you want to move to NasDem, we welcome you with the greeting of ahlan wahsahlan, welcome. Whether from Golkar, from PPP, from PKB, from anywhere we are welcome,” said Effendy. [rnd]

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