Maasstad Hospital starts vaccinating visitors for free and without an appointment

As of today, visitors can be vaccinated against the corona virus free of charge and without an appointment in the hall of the Maasstad Hospital. The hospital in South Rotterdam is thus trying to do something about the low vaccination rate. In neighborhoods such as Charlois and Feijenoord, less than 50 percent of the inhabitants are fully vaccinated.

A booth with posters and flyers indicates the vaccination point in the central hall of the hospital. From 10:00 a.m., patients, visitors, local residents and employees can go there with questions or to get an injection. “People can go there on their own initiative to ask questions and get information. Anyone who wants to can choose the vaccine, we think it’s important that it is a choice,” says Charlotte van Noord, doctor at Maasstad Hospital. At the injection point, the Janssen vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine are injected. With the latter, an appointment is immediately made for the second vaccination.

One-on-one explanation

People can only go to the vaccination point for their first or second shot. Getting a third shot is not possible. “Obviously, if you are fully vaccinated, you will also receive the QR code that has been requested on all kinds of occasions since last Saturday,” says Van Noord. With the initiative, the hospital hopes to increase vaccination coverage. “Every day a large group of people come to the hospital, such as patients for the outpatient clinics and visitors of people who have been admitted. In addition, we also try to reach people through the media to let them know that we have this point and that everyone is welcome.” , says Van Noord.

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The Maasstad campaign is not the first initiative that is committed to a higher vaccination rate in Rotterdam. For the past two months, doctors and internists have already been present at the Afrikaandermarkt for information and vaccination without an appointment. “We saw that there was enthusiasm for that. With one-on-one explanation, questions can still be removed”. The puncture point in Maasstad Hospital is open from Monday September 27 to Friday October 8 on all weekdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.