Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about the new MacBook Air computer, October 30, 2018

Apple Corporation unveiled its new MacBook Air and iPad Pro at an international news conference in Brooklyn, USA.

Many international media have been interested in uncovering all the mysteries and mysteries of the two new devices.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air comes with a 13.3-inch, 13.8-inch Retina HD-enabled display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and a 227 pixel resolution per inch.

The MacBook Air is about 48% stronger than the previous version of the same device.

The MacBook Air is supported by a new, easier-to-use keyboard, smaller and more powerful.

The MacBook Air is designed from an aluminum chassis, 17% smaller than the previous version, and weighs no more than 1.24 kg and 15.6 mm thick.

As for the keyboard, Apple has supported its new third-generation keyboard, which says it will be more accurate and responsive, and each button has its own illumination so that the user can run MacBook Air in dim light Easily.

The US company Trace Pad, or Tracking Pad, has grown by about 20 percent.

Apple also provided its MacBook Air with a fingerprint sensor to secure the device, which will be required to activate purchases by Apple Bay.

Apple also supplied the Apple T2 with the new device to secure data and maintain user security.

MacBook Air was supported by a powerful Intel Core i5 processor with 1.6 GHz of the eighth generation.

MacBook Air comes with 8GB or 16 GB RAM, 128 GB and 256 GB internal storage, and can be up to 1.5TB.

Apple supplied its new PC with 25 percent better sound than the previous version, as well as 3 microphones and an HD camera for better and clearer video calls.

The device is expected to be launched on international markets by November 7, starting at $ 1199.

IPad Pro

Apple has adopted the new version of its new iPad tablet with full-screen support, filling the entire screen with a flat edge and circular corners.

It is also available in three versions of screens in sizes of 10.5 inches, 11 inches, and 12.9 inches.

Apple's iPad has introduced a new all-new Retina liquid screen, similar to what the company presented on its iPhone XR phone.

The iPad Pro is 5.9 millimeters thick, about one millimeter higher than the previous version.

The three versions of iPad Pro were supported by VID technology, which first appeared on the iPhone X.

The iPad Pro works with a new A12X chip, built in a way like the new iPhone X.

The processor for the new tablet PC comes with 8 CPU nuclei and 7 nuclei GPU, Apple explained that this processor includes 10 billion transistors, which will make it faster by about 35% per kernel than in the previous version, and about 90% faster for multiple nuclei.

Apple said the processor's artificial intelligence was capable of analyzing 5 trillion processes per second.

Apple unveiled a new revolutionary change in its iPad computer, eliminating the famous "Lightning" port and moving to the traditional and most popular USB port so that the computer can easily connect to any high-definition television.

The new Apple iPad comes with the second generation of the Apple Pencil pen, so the pen supports a number of smart tasks from gestures to clicks, where a click leads to a task and clicks to another user-defined task.

The iPad Pro has an internal storage capacity of 1TB, which is also very revolutionary.

IPad prices will start from $ 649 for the 10.5-inch version, $ 799 for the 11-inch version, and $ 999 for the 12.5-inch version.

Mac Mini

"It's a device that's small in size, but great in its merits," said Tim Cook, Apple's president, during his presentation of the new Mac Mini computer.

There has been no significant change in the design of the Mac Mini but its color changed to gray, changing the type of metal designed to become recycled aluminum.

Apple introduced its Mac Mini with two options, one dual-core and the other eight-core, the eighth-generation Intel processors, and options of internal storage up to 2 terabytes.

The new device according to Apple is faster in graphics 60% and in performance 500% compared with the previous generation, which means a clear improvement in applications.

The sale is expected to begin on November 7 at prices starting at US $ 799.

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