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‘MacBook Pro 2021 will only appear after the summer’

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The rumor mill around the new MacBook Pro 2021 has been running at full speed for months. There has been speculation about a release in the summer, but Apple insider Mark Gurman says the launch is taking longer. Apple would like to release the refreshed 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 sometime between September and November.

Releasedatum MacBook Pro 2021

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Gurman reports that the MacBook Pros will go into production in the third quarter. They are expected to be announced by Apple “between September and November at the latest,” he writes.

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Earlier, the same Gurman claimed that the MacBook Pro 2021 would already appear in the summer. It was a striking prediction, because it is quite unusual for Apple to launch new Apple products in the summer – especially if they have been revamped spectacularly.

Gurman maintains that Apple would have liked to release the new MacBook Pro earlier. However, problems with the production of mini-LED screens delayed the launch, he says. The new MacBook Pro models are the first Macs with a mini LED screen. Earlier, Apple announced an iPad Pro 2021 that has this screen technology.

When will the MacBook Pro 2021 be released?

So there is a good chance that Apple will announce the MacBook Pro in the fall. We don’t expect this to happen in September. An Apple event is traditionally planned in September that focuses on the latest iPhone and Apple Watch. There is also a chance that Apple will present new iPad models or AirPods.

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A month later usually follows an Apple event in which Macs are in the spotlight. Last year was an exception: the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini with M1 chip were only presented in November. However, this late moment had to do with the consequences of the coronavirus. The iPhone 12 was also only presented in October. This year, Apple is picking up the traditional schedule, making an October release of the MacBook Pro most likely.

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