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Machine gun fire: fifth violent incident in four days in Antwerp

by archyw

Shots were fired at a house on Monday evening.

DThe shots were fired on Monday evening at a house on the Gryspeerstraat in Deurne (Antwerp). The house is located right next to an old pharmacy which was the target of a grenade on Sunday, probably by mistake, since it is the house which was probably targeted.

“Last night, at around 3:10 am, another attack took place on the Gryspeerstraat. Not with a grenade, but with a machine gun this time. Several shots were fired at the house next to the (empty) pharmacy, on which a grenade had been thrown the previous night, possibly wrongly, ”police spokesman Sven Lommaert said.

No injuries are to be deplored. The damage is limited to the facade and the front door. The property belongs to a family linked to the drug industry.

This is the fifth violent incident in four days. Friday evening, a house had been the target of shootings in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout. In that same section of town, a grenade placed under a parked vehicle exploded on Saturday morning. Finally, an explosive device destroyed the front door of a house in Deurne.


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