Maciej Molęda: A chance for success

Maciej Molęda was one step away from winning the finals of the first edition “Chances of Success”. On June 18, 1994, on the stage in the Congress Hall, he daringly performed the Skaldów song “Cała się w skowronkach” (check!) and was a favorite of the audience. Without a word, however, he accepted the verdict of the jury, which announced … Justyna Steczkowska as the winner.

“A chance for success”. Marek Sierocki took the floor!

A year later, he again performed in the concert of the laureates of “Chance” and lost again, this time with Viola Brzezińska. Years later, he admitted that he didn’t really care about winning.

Robert Chojnacki was delighted with Maciek’s performance in “Chance for Success”. The musician offered the young singer a cooperation, which resulted in the hit “I Love You do Ciebie” (check!). However, Molęda did not want to be only a “guest voice” on another author’s album of the popular saxophonist and composer. In 1997 – together with his brother eight years younger – he founded the band LO27, which was to be the Polish equivalent of the American group Hanson.

The greatest hits of LO27, songs “I can do everything” (check!) and “When you want”, a quarter of a century ago the whole of Poland was humming … The Molędowie brothers and their friends recorded two albums, and when the band broke up, they brought another one to life. Unfortunately, the Molęda group did not achieve the expected success. After a defeat in the national qualifiers to the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest, Maciek and Kuba released the album “2xM”, after which their paths diverged.

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Jakub joined the team of the Rampa Theater in Warsaw, he got the main role in Roman Polański’s musical “Dance of the Vampires”, then he appeared in the second edition of “Your face sounds familiar” and recorded several hit singles.

Maciej, on the other hand, became … a politician. Exactly 15 years ago – on November 12, 2006 – Maciej Molęda became a councilor in the Ursynów district of Warsaw, and as an artist he fulfilled himself primarily in dubbing. His voice is singing, among others heroes of the Polish cinema versions of the hits “Mulan” and “Scooby Doo”.

Maciej ended his career in politics during one term of office of a councilor. In the 2010 local government elections, he was a candidate from the list of the Warsaw Local Government Community for the Targówek District council, but he did not win a seat.

Behind the scenes of Mann’s breakup with “A chance for success”

After losing the elections, he founded his own company and has been organizing and servicing music events since then. In social media he boasts that his “Music Machines” has already completed over two thousand projects …

Maciej Molęda may have been a great star, but he did not want – as he once said in an interview – to participate in the rat race and to push his elbows to his destination.

Today, Maciek Molęda derives the greatest joy and satisfaction from working in his company and from being a husband and father. His wife Bożena and his daughters Matylda and Aniela are his whole world.


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