Macron greets Trump, stormy meeting in sight

Emmanuel Macron hosts Saturday in Paris a particularly Trump Donald Trump, before a meeting with symbolic significance with Angela Merkel in Rethondes, on the scene of the armistice of 1918.

The French president will welcome his American counterpart late morning (10:00 GMT) in the courtyard of the Elysee.

"I'm in Paris, ready to celebrate the end of the First World War," tweeted the White House tenant Saturday morning, under a gray sky. "What better than to celebrate the end of a war, especially this one, which was one of the bloodiest in history?"

The day before, however, he had opted for a tone much less consensual, denouncing, in an extremely virulent tweet, the proposal of Emmanuel Macron to create a European army.

"President Macron has just suggested that Europe build its own army to protect itself against the United States, China and Russia," he wrote just as Air Force One was landing near Paris.

"Very insulting, but maybe Europe should first pay its share to NATO that the United States subsidizes widely!", Added the US president who claims a form of complicity with his French counterpart despite disagreements marked.

He was referring to the statements made by Mr Macron who had called for the creation of a "genuine European army" earlier this week.” to better protect the Old Continent.

We must "protect ourselves against China, Russia and even the United States," pleaded the French president, citing the US decision to withdraw from a nuclear disarmament treaty dating back to the 1980s.

Lunch with Melania

Much of Europe has been sheltered under the American shield since the post-war period, without paying a satisfactory price, according to Donald Trump.

Since his election, Emmanuel Macron constantly pleads for a European reinforcement of the Defense, France putting precisely forward the strategic uncertainty caused by the positions of Donald Trump.

More broadly, this projection illustrates the profound political disagreements between the two men, on the environment, Iran's nuclear power, trade relations, and in general, on the governance of world affairs, for which Mr. Macron defends multilateralism, hated by Mr. Trump.

Macron on Sunday organized a major international forum on global governance that, schematically, will serve as a forum for multilateralism, and therefore, hollow, to say bad things about US foreign policy Mr. Trump.

The latter will be absent from this forum, preferring to go to the American cemetery in Suresnes, near Paris.

After the meeting, the American First Lady Melania Trump will arrive around 11:00 GMT and the two presidential couples will lunch together at the Elysee Palace before parting for the afternoon.

The American president is expected to travel to the north of France at the Bois Belleau American cemetery, while Mr. Macron will take the road to a clearing near Compiegne, north of Paris, to find Chancellor Angela Merkel for a ceremony very symbolic.

It is here that November 11, 1918 was signed in a wagon restaurant armistice sealing the end of the First World War, which caused 18 million deaths.

The Elysée Palace underlines that "this is the first time since 1945″ that the French president and the head of the German government meet in the clearing of the Armistice.

"Value of Reconciliation"

"The ceremony will be sober and without speech," the same source added.

The two leaders will lay a wreath and unveil a new plaque at the foot of the monument + the Holy Dalle +, in the middle of the clearing, which reads + Here on November 11, 1918 succumbed the criminal pride of the German empire vanquished by the peoples free that he claimed to enslave + ".

The new inscription will be much less martial: "On the occasion of the centenary of the armistice of November 11, 1918, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, and Mrs. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany , reaffirmed here the value of Franco-German reconciliation in the service of Europe and peace ".

In the evening, the Macron, Trump, Merkel, and several other dignitaries will gather at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, for a visit to the exhibition dedicated to Picasso and a formal dinner on site, before the grand ceremony on Sunday morning under the Arc de Triomphe, culmination of the commemorations.

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