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Macron launches the second phase of the big debate

Emmanuel Macron continues his tour of France in the context of the great debate. For his seventh stage, this Thursday, the Head of State will visit the Indre. First for a meeting with the mayors of the department, with whom he will have lunch. He will then meet some fifty company heads at the headquarters of Egide Aviation, in Déols, near Châteauroux.

This move marks an evolution since, for the first time, the president will not hold a high mass organized at the millimeter by the Elysée and bringing together several hundred people, as it was still the case against the young people last week in Saône -et-Loire.

Evolution in the format

This new format marks the entry into the second phase of the great debate, which is exactly half way there. The first part was a "Indisputable success"according to Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesman of the government. If it did not extinguish, far from it, the movement of "yellow vests", it allowed, according to the executive, to reach 850,000 contributions while more than 6,000 meetings are scheduled.

The oppositions denounce a permanent electoral campaign, especially in view of the European elections at the end of May. The big debate allows in any case Emmanuel Macron to find a little respite in the polls.

In stations and stations

This phase II will be characterized by the launch of mobile stands, in Posts and railway stations. Then by setting up thematic conferences with intermediary bodies (trade unions, employers, associations, elected officials …) and regional conferences in March with French people drawn by lot.

The government intends to make its first decisions in mid-April, after a debate in the National Assembly and the Senate and once reassembled and analyzed all contributions, mission entrusted to the opinion research company and OpinionWay.

If Emmanuel Macron can be satisfied with the success of the first stage, he must transform the test with the second, and, above all, ensure an exit up to the high expectations of the public. "Do not go out before the debate", Prime Minister Edouard Philippe warned Tuesday at the National Assembly. The executive wants to avoid a shortening of this debate and hopes that consensus will eventually emerge on proposals.

Strong answers

Nevertheless, the background and the form of this release are in everyone's minds. "This debate works but also creates a strong desire for solutions, resulting in a risk of frustration of the French. At one time or another, they will have to be able to express themselves. It will not be necessary to remain in the parliamentary compartmentsaid Senator Hervé Marseille, leader of centrists in the Senate and received as such by Emmanuel Macron last week.

Emmanuel Macron assures that there will be strong answers. "I take this moment very seriously. I do not know today what he will give. What I do know is that I will have profound consequences. Convictions will be forged in the coming weeks and months, which will involve very deep decisions in different fields "said the head of state in late January during his trip to Egypt.

Grégoire Poussielgue


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