Macron named three scenarios for the development of Russia

MOSCOW, November 8 – RIA News. Russia has three scenarios for development, such an opinion was expressed by French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview for The Economist magazine.
As the first option, Macron called Russia's ability to restore the status of a superpower, relying solely on its own forces. However, according to the French leader, this will be extremely difficult. As the reasons Macron called the lack of economic power and population.

The French leader called the “Eurasian model” the second way of development. However, he noted, in this region there is already a dominant country – China. According to Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin is "farther and farther" from the head of China Xi Jinping.

The third option, according to Macron, involves finding a new balanced model of relations with Europe. Macron expressed the view that Moscow now perceives the EU as a vassal of the United States due to the fact that NATO has approached the borders of Russia, but in the future, according to the French leader, this position may be revised.

In an interview with The Economist, Macron also noted that NATO is undergoing "brain death." The French leader expressed the view that the United States is turning its back on its allies, Europe can no longer count on their support.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated in 2014 due to the situation in Ukraine and around Crimea. The United States, the European Union and Canada accused Russia of interfering in the affairs of Ukraine and imposed sanctions against it. Moscow responded with a food embargo, headed for import substitution, and repeatedly stated that talking to it in the language of sanctions was counterproductive.

Now in the West, opinions are increasingly being expressed about the need to abolish restrictive measures that are more harmful to those who introduce them, and to restore dialogue with Moscow.



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