Macron opens the second act of the social reforms

Macron opens the second act of the social reforms


After the ” free “ – the overhaul of the labour law – Emmanuel Macron clicks the ” protect “. The president of the Republic opens this Thursday the second phase of its social reforms by addressing the unemployment insurance, vocational training and apprenticeship . Throughout the day, the leaders of the trade unions and employer organisations will scroll through each in turn, in the office of the head of State at the Elysée. This series of head-to-head will end Friday with the secretary general of the CFDT.

Then, as for the reform of the labor Code in the spring of last year, the Prime minister, Edouard Philippe, will take over the next week, before the minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, receive it as the social partners a few days later. The purpose of the executive is to come up with a draft bill in the spring and an adoption of the reforms in the summer of 2018.

The calendar is a little less tight than for the reform of the labour Code, but it is still short. All that the candidate Macron during the presidential campaign had promised, neither more nor less, to reform both the education system and learning that the unemployment insurance. The nationalization of the latter, and the promise of the open to employees who have resigned and the self-employed to respond to the ubérisation the economy was a marker with the strength of its program.

roadmap crystal clear

The trait has since been softened, but the issue remains major, and the promise of new rights comes at a time when the executive penalty off the controversy over the “president of the rich” opened with the presentation of the draft budget for 2018 . The ” protect “ will have to be as ambitious as the ” free “.

On paper, the roadmap is clear : social tensions – whether those caused by the reform of the labour Code as to the grumbling of officials – should not interfere with the calendar of an executive who sells, sometimes with difficulty, a “transformation plan” of the country. “We must not lock in a reform. Instead, we must give it back to the as a whole “, reminds one of a member of parliament of The Republic In march.

The interviews that Emmanuel Macron is going to have with the social partners will not be a formality. The method of preparation of the future reforms must still be specified. The law Larcher of 2007 requires the executive to seize the employers and the trade unions of any proposed reform on employment or training. And this time, on the business side as employees, we don’t want to miss his turn.

the question is whether the executive will accept to play the game of negotiation. The leaders of employers and unions hope to convince the head of State. the ” Why would we not be able to integrate most of the resigning members, or independent ? “, note a trade unionist on the subject of unemployment insurance.

After having demonstrated its ability to go fast and hard on the labour Code, the employers and the trade unions hope that the head of State chooses this time to allow more time and latitude to negotiate.

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