Macron, Plenel and Bourdin, a trio of “code breakers”


Edwy Plenel and Jean-Jacques Bourdin are rather satisfied with their meeting with the Head of State. Questioned Monday morning in the chair usually reserved for the political guests of RMC, they congratulated each other for having “Broken codes” with their performance of the day before. “The presidential interview in France is a monarchical interview. Our simple goal was first to break that, ” claimed the founder of Mediapart. On this point, at least, Plenel and Bourdin are in full agreement with Emmanuel Macron who is strong, in all circumstances, of “Breaking the codes” of the old world.
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By choosing to be very long interrogation (during 2 hours and 38 minutes) by two reputed reputable journalists, the tenant of the Elysee intended to demonstrate that he feared no opponent. “We saw a president who knew how to cash, who knew how to cast also when it was necessary. […] We were indeed on something virile, physical, ” packed Christophe Castaner, the government spokesman. During this interview punctuated by particularly keen arrests on alleged injustices of government policy, the two refrained from giving “Mr. President” to their interlocutor. To name him Emmanuel Macron was to say “Tomorrow, you are no longer president, we are the same, we are equal in dignity and rights” Plenel explained.
3.8 million viewers
Has anyone attended Sunday night a revolution? Monday morning, Jean-Jacques Bourdin did not seem far to believe that there would be a before and after Chaillot: “We will not be able to see” these ‘ interviews where one takes one’s distance and especially where one spares, ” he congratulated on RMC. The historical dimension of the event did not jump in the eyes of the confreres of the two journalists. This is how Jean-Michel Aphatie, the morning runner of France Info, was surprised that Bourdin found it useful to specify Sunday, at the beginning of the show, that the questions he was going to ask were not known to the head of state. “Ben as usual, no?” tweeted Aphatie, recalling that such was the rule in the profession …
A little annoyed to see themselves collectively returned to an old world where the press would necessarily be complacent and deferential, several journalists found that the exercise was less the interview than the debate, and that Macron was more treated as a candidate than head of state. Minister Modem Jacqueline Gouraud saw it “A denial of democracy and a most basic breach of ethics” while the deputy of France insubordinate Eric Coquerel cried victory: “Faced with real journalists and not flat smugglers, Emmanuel Macron has vainly tried to justify his politics even more right with approximations, convolutions and lies. Jupiter is down, he was excited.
At the Elysee we are especially pleased with the excellent audience of the river interview broadcast Sunday by BFM TV. Less than Taxi but better than Lolo the two popular Sunday comedies proposed by TF1 and France 2, the channel recorded this Sunday the second best audience in its history (3.8 million viewers). A second record after the 13 hours of TF1 (6.4 million) on April 12. For the rest, Macron’s entourage regrets that the boss of Mediapart appeared “Challenge the President his presidential legitimacy”. Regarding the next edition of this meeting with Mediapart and RMC for year 2 of the quinquennium, confirmed live by Macron Sunday evening, the Elysee indicates that it will be done “not necessarily” with the same interlocutors.

Alain Auffray


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