Emmanuel Macron. – Ludovic MARIN / AFP

Arnaud Pericard (LR) and Karl Olive (LR), respectively mayors of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Poissy, spoke in the Parisian after a "no filter" interview with
Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic having discussed with about fifteen mayors and elected Yvelines on Friday, December 7.

And in view of their statement, the interview was indeed uncompromising. "The president responded in a cash way. He said the limitation to 80 km / h was bullshit. We talked a lot about the
drop of APL, and he also said it was bullshit, "said Arnaud Pericard.

Regrets also on his provocative little sentences

"We also talked about his way of being and his communication. He was told that there were some phrases sometimes unfortunate and not to pronounce. He told us to be aware of it, "he continues.

The President of the Republic would have taken for his rank during this interview by some of the participants. Arnaud Pericard reports some very cash quotes too: "Today, people want to see your head at the end of a spike! Or other "You are unloved, rejected". Karl Olive concludes: "I think he has heard the message and if it did not, we will do as a number of elected, we will return the keys. "


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