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Macron taken to words

If there was in the launching of the great debate the idea of ​​diversion to "yellow vests", to pause before resuming the five-year course, its success prevents this from happening. Emmanuel Macron was taken to words, if you will, to the hundred million words that the French have poured into the common pot, like so many pieces of a puzzle drawing their project for the country. The idea was good so the idea requires.

When so many people give their time, it's impossible to pretend that nothing has happened, or even to play on the contradictions that have been expressed. From the diversion, we went to conviction. "There will be a before and after"says the executive. It takes an answer to the pitch. But which ?

Even before the report of the debate, some tracks are divined. The Head of State has retained two words. That of "Rejection" first, rejection of elites, especially political ones, and its corollary of participation: since the politicians have failed, we must hear, make us decide, have meant those who came to debate. Around this word, the answer will be strong. Symbolic measures (decrease of the benefits of the former presidents), institutional measures (decrease of the number of the parliamentarians, proportional …), citizen measures (laws of citizen origin, juries drawn by lot …).

Ecology has emerged

The second word fits in the plural: "The proximities. ". State and public services have disappeared, we are alone, shouted roundabouts and municipal halls. Around this word, more telling than those of decentralization or deconcentration, the command of the head of state to his ministers is also explicit: "It takes heavy". Give mayors back room for maneuver, transfer skills to the departments (roads and housing?), Create a "territorial adviser" who sits in the department as in the region, etc.

And then there are three others, so the executive saw well that they returned in a loop. The one of "ecology" emerged suddenly three weeks ago when young people started to dance. Those especially of "purchasing power" and "fiscal justice", at the heart of the crisis of "yellow vests" and at the heart of the great debate. Can we give symbolic measures that will not disappoint expectations or deny the economic macronism defined in the presidential election? When an equation is so difficult (impossible?), It takes a month to solve it. The month that Emmanuel Macron gave himself before delivering his answers.

Cécile Cornudet


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