Normally the "Open Monument Day" is a relaxed date for Emmanuel Macron. In the garden of the Élysépalast, the president photographs, jokes, poses together with visitors.

But yesterday, on Saturday, the real problems of France suddenly caught up with him. An unemployed gardener addressed the president. He is 25 years old and can not find a job.

There people are wanted

Macron initially said that he could not take care of anyone personally, but then turned a few sentences to the gardener, and they set off a small debate in France.

Macron recommended that the unemployed gardener change industry. In the hotel and restaurant industry or on the construction, people would be sought, he said.

Video of the conversation gardener – Macron

"Go to the Montparnasse district, check out the streets with all the cafes and restaurants, I'm really sure one of two places are currently closing down," the president said in the garden of his office, according to a video clip of France News. "Hotels, cafes, restaurants – I just have to cross the street and I can find something (to work) for you."

Praise and criticism

Macron's comments were critically commented on social networks. The communist politician Ian Brossat from Paris blamed the head of state at the BFMTV station for saying that Macron had expressed contempt for jobseekers: "Blaming those who seek work for not finding them is unbearable."

Support for the president came from the head of his party La République En Marche, Christophe Castaner: "Do you prefer Phrasendrescherei?" Asked the Macron confidant on the TV channel RTL. "I prefer a president who tells the truth." The reproach that Macron had treated an unemployed bad, rejected Castaner.


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