Emmanuel Macron will speak next week on the crisis of "yellow vests". – LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Did you miss the news of this early morning? We have concocted a recap 'to help you see more clearly.

He will talk, but after the weekend protests. In the midst of the crisis of "yellow vests" Emmanuel Macron will speak "early next week", the head of state not wishing "not put oil on fire" before Saturday's protests, announced Friday the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand to AFP. "After various exchanges and an overview, the President, clear on the context and the situation, does not want to put oil on the fire and therefore does not intend to speak before Saturday," said Richard Ferrand. "Conversely, early next week, he will be asked to express himself," he added.

A dozen high school students, handcuffed, on their knees, their heads against a wall. About fifty others, aligned, too on their knees, hands on their heads. They are guarded by a dozen policemen, batons out. "Here is a class that is wise," exclaims the man who films. These images toured the Web on Thursday night, shocking several political figures, and AFP confirmed their authenticity. They were filmed in the vicinity of the Saint-Exupéry high school in Mantes-la-Jolie, where 153 people were arrested, most of them high school students. Dozens of them were gathered in the garden of a pavilion and in an associative house by some 70 policemen mobilized for this operation.

"The Aquarius" is over. Doctors Without Borders and SOS Mediterranean announced Thursday that they must "put an end" to the rescue operations of their humanitarian ship, which has become the symbol of the political crisis surrounding the reception of migrants and deprived of a flag for two months. "Renouncing" the Aquarius "was an extremely difficult decision to make," said Frederic Penard, director of SOS Mediterranean operations, deploring "the constant attacks on the ship and its crews. ".


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