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Macron's long Japanese tour

Is this the sign that, as his predecessor Francois Hollande said, "how are things better"? Apart from a tour of East Africa three months ago, Emmanuel Macron's agenda has been very Franco-European in recent times, between the Yellow Vests crisis, the big national debate and the European elections. This page turned, the head of state flew Tuesday for Japan, where he must land on Wednesday morning. A four-day visit, two to treat the relationship between Paris and Tokyo before meeting the leaders of the G20, the time of a summit of 48 hours in Osaka where there will be question, no doubt, the disturbing verbal escalation between Washington and Tehran.

Renault-Nissan and teppanyaki

Before attacking this hearty diplomatic menu, the president, who is going to the land of the rising sun for the first time since his election, will find today the head of the Japanese government, the liberal Shinzo Abe. During their interview, they should discuss the future of the Franco-Japanese partnership Renault-Nissan turbulent since the arrest of its builder, Carlos Ghosn, for financial misconduct. To his counterpart, Emmanuel Macron comes to deliver a clear message: "the strong attachment of France to the alliance" between the two manufacturers. Once the thorny subjects are mentioned, they will be joined by their wives for a teppanyaki dinner (Editor's note: Japanese grills).

Imperial breakfast and ancestral protocol

To any official visit, his official meal. It will take place at Kokyo Palace, the residence of Emperor Naruhito, who acceded to the Chrysanthemum throne after the abdication of his father, Akihito, last April. The Elysee bombs his chest: Emmanuel Macron will become the second foreign leader after the American Donald Trump to be received by "His Majesty". A lunch of about an hour, in the presence of the members of the imperial court, the Grand Chamberlain, ladies of company … During this meal, protocol obliges, it will be question neither of politics, nor of diplomacy: the 126th Emperor of the Archipelago, passionate about hydrology, would not answer if he was asked about such subjects. At the table, the tricolor delegation was warned: we do not plant chopsticks in the rice – this gesture is reserved for local funeral ceremonies!

Winks to France

Another "sequence" of this visit, the meeting with big names in Japanese architecture. They are used to rebuilding after disasters of all kinds that hit their country, earthquake, tsunami or other fires. It will obviously be a question of Notre-Dame cathedral, especially since French art masters, such as a floral parure maker or a restaurant owner, are among the fifty people who accompany the head of state on his journey. There will be no question of heritage. "Ways to live in the city, too," says a presidential adviser. We have, in terms of urban development, common issues with Japan on the city center, on desertification … "A reflection all the more useful that are profiled in France, municipal.

Iran on the G 20 menu

It is aboard the Shinkansen, the high-speed train, that Emmanuel Macron will rally Osaka to find his counterparts in a context of very strong tensions between the United States and Iran that fears a conflagration in the region. Last rebound Tuesday, when Washington announced tough sanctions against the Iranian Supreme Leader and other figures of the regime of the mullahs, as the very moderate Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif. In this conflict, the French intends to play the demining agent. He met Tuesday with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani and pleads for a "de-escalation". The Elysee Palace said the president will have further exchanges on Iran's nuclear issues with his counterparts on the ground. With the American Trump, only an aside is planned at this stage.

Brigitte-mania from Japan

The first lady will be traveling to Japan, in this country she does not know but where breathes a real "Brigitte-mania". Nearly 10,000 km from Paris in August 2017, the first interview of Brigitte Macron in the local version of the weekly Elle had been fully translated into Japanese. The atypical story of the couple is so intriguing that a manga on the Macron has even been published in the archipelago.


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