Madagascar: Foreign Minister sacked after a vote condemning Russia at the UN

#Other countries : The Malagasy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Richard Randriamandranto has just revealed the reasons for his dismissal from the government. This decision follows his vote condemning “Russia’s illegal annexations of Ukraine”, during the UN General Assembly, on October 12, 2022.

The Malagasy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Richard Randriamandranto, was sacked by the President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina. This decision would have been motivated by the fact that the minister would have taken, alone, the decision to vote in favor of the UN resolution condemning “the illegal annexations of Russia on Ukraine”.

The minister took this decision without collective consent, while an executive council preceded the vote on the UN resolution. However, until then, like some African countries, Madagascar had preferred to play the card of neutrality by abstaining from previous votes.

The information was confirmed by the minister in person to international media. He thus explained to French radio RFI, “having made this decision in his soul and conscience”, adding, “I do not think I have endangered the interest of the nation by voting in this way. History will judge the rest”.
Let us recall that during the vote of the UN resolution condemning “the illegal annexations of Russia on Ukraine”, Madagascar was one of the 143 countries having voted yes, against 5 countries against and 35 which abstained.

Only, this decision is far from being unanimous within the Malagasy political class. Many political figures in the country were surprised by their country’s volte-face. Madagascar having abstained on March 2 during the UN resolution calling for condemnation of the aggression of Ukraine by Russia.