Madars Apse at Apache Skateboards

The long road to the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona is a great place to learn stories… And the history ofApache Skateboards, precisely, is among the most interesting that Madars Apse has ever heard. In his series Skate Talesthe Latvian skateboarder has made it his mission to discover the most beautiful stories in the world of skate, beyond the magazine heroes and celebrities seen everywhere else. The objective: to give voice to those who have never had it.

It’s not traditional skateboarding culture, it’s different. Here, we ride our way.

In the history of Apache Skateboards, there are two Dougs. Douglas Miles Jr, first, is the scion of a new wave of indigenous skaters who are fusing their Native American roots with the modern skateboarding movement. Born and raised on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona, Doug Jr was introduced to skateboarding by his father, artist Douglas Miles Sr. This is the second Doug to step onto the scene. Doug Sr made his reputation painting on skateboards. His art aroused great interest. He then founded Apache Skateboards, a brand in which the Apache community could identify.

Native Americans were resourceful in maintaining their ancient culture in the modern world. Doug Jr himself spent his formative years skateboarding visiting other Native reservations and teaching young Native Americans how they could get into skateboarding without losing sight of their heritage.

Apache Skateboards is telling our story to the next generation.

Apse therefore went to meet these skaters who tell their roots in an episode of Skate Tales dedicated to skateboarding visionaries. Because sometimes when you can’t find a place for your own chapter in your saga, you just have to write the book.

Click the player at the top of the article to join Madars Apse as he learns about the history of Apache Skateboards, including riding an incredible dam in Arizona.