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Three days after Joe Maddon’s 66th birthday, the new Los Angeles manager Angels sat down in a training complex in the spring and reminded everyone that he was into two ways before they were cool.

The second round in 1992 was Deshawn Warren, who left Maddon as a mini-instructor for the organization he had employed for the first thirty years of basic games. Although Warren did not succeed in reaching the lowest minors as a potter, perhaps the fastest runner in the organization.

Maddon did not try to put Dan O’Brien, general manager of Angels, to allow Warren to play in the park at a time when serious two-way play was abandoned for many years. Now when Shohei Ohtani gave it back, Maddon is pleased to be at the forefront again.

“I was always amazed,” said Maddon. “I always thought that it should look deeper.”

Maddon is proud to be willing to be an innovator and an unusual thinker for his entire career. He is not narrowing his mind as he enters the first season of his hometown with the Angels.

Ohtani’s unique progress is among Maddon’s most important concerns over the next six weeks in Arizona, as well as an initial rotation of evolution that Ohtani expects before Memorial Day.

The Angels focus in mid-May on the return of Ohtani on the terraced mound, general manager Billy Eppler revealed on Tuesday and patrons and catchers reported to Teb Diablo Stadium. Ohtani will be available as a nominated hitter on the open day, but it will take days away from the league team to perform a rehabilitation transformation in the minors.

Eppler and Ohtani have detailed plans on the final two-star regime from Tommy John’s surgery and subsequent knee surgery, which pushed back his great progress. Maddon is on board with the plans, but he also intends to make decisions by talking to someone with Ohtani.

“I think this patience is a key word,” said Maddon. “I am developing in my whole life, so when you are trying to develop a great set of talent as it is here, coming out of his hurt cases, it is important to be very patient, and I am . ”

Obviously Angels patience, Arte Moreno, spent a little thin after four seasons losing in a row and ten years without victory to play. Following the recession of Maddon and The Cubs in September, Moreno suddenly switched manager Brad Ausmus and enthusiastically went to Maddon to return to the club where he won the first of his two rows. the World as coach bench Mike Scioscia.

Maddon took the job, but is not here to retire. It is not even the oldest manager in the game anymore with Baker Dusty 70 years old in Houston.

Maddon already has dinner with many of his new Angels, and he knows the rest in Tempe. He respects Julia Teheran’s new adventurous circle, and is excited about the depth of Halos’s young talent

“Jimmie Reese stayed contemporary, which is why he was able to do this until he was 93,” said Maddon, and remembering the memory of the long-term angel coach Angels.

“There is a difference between accepting things that are going on now and remaining contemporary, or pushing back to the point where you are a dinosaur or ancient,” he said. “You are connecting with people, regardless of their age. And how do you do that? By using what they do, from which they come. When you have established that momentum, then you can influence. ”

Maddon is currently living and planning for the future. But there are still recollections returned to the Angels, here in Thympe and back in Southern California, where he and his wife will come back into the house they left behind in Long Beach.

Maddon intends to use spring training as an opportunity to strike a balance between the past and the present so that he can focus on the future of the Angels.

“I always love this place,” said Maddon about Teb Diablo’s moderate Stadium and the complex that the Mariners lived a few years ago. “So I remember meetings being below in that little clubhouse, talking about teaching things. That’s how my brain works. I get delayed with nostalgia, I do. And it’s okay. It’s a good thing. ”



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