Madeiran couple murdered in South Africa

A couple of Madeiran traders, emigrating to South Africa 50 years ago, were found dead in their small restaurant business in Christiana. The victims are Dinis Fernando, 74 and Maria Gorete Silva, 71.

According to the statement from the South African police, Dinis and Maria Gorete were found tied up and both were reportedly murdered with stab wounds to the neck.

The document also says that the alert was given on Sunday morning, that there is an “investigation underway” and that the motivation for the crime is not “known” yet.

Jornal da Madeira spoke to the couple’s only daughter, Helena Silva, who was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 44-year-old woman told the newspaper that her parents opened the shop as they usually did and that, shortly afterwards, the alert was given by a person passing by on the street and who was surprised to find a pair of shoes at the entrance and a half-open security door.



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