Madeleine McCann case: the discovery in the hideout …

German police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann 13 years ago on a beach in Portugal found children’s clothing, as well as images and videos in the “secret den” of the main suspect, Christian Brueckner.

It is a old factory in ruins located in the city of Neuwegersleben, in the north of Germany, which Brueckner used to use as a hiding place, as revealed by the Australian program 60 minutes. Memories and buried hard drives with more than 8000 images and videos, plus swimsuits and varied children’s clothing.

While the police were unable to disclose more information, the main suspect is known to have been at the scene with his motorhome so far in 2007, the year Madeleine disappeared. A large number of girls’ bathing suits could also be found in this vehicle and, in addition, Brueckner said that he hid “boys and drugs” there.

Christian Brueckner is a 43-year-old German citizen who is serving a sentence in a German prison for drug trafficking while appealing a seven-year sentence for a rape in Praia da Luz, which occurred 18 months before Madeleine was kidnapped.

Investigation of Madeleine McCann case progresses

German coroners supporting the Madeleine investigation asked their Portuguese counterparts to retest a DNA sample collected in 2007 because the advancement in technology could provide more information about it.

In turn, Hans Christian Wolters, the German prosecutor in charge of the case, sent a letter to Madeleine’s parents, confirming that they have concrete evidence that she was murdered, although he clarified that he cannot reveal the causes of death because it would imply hinder the investigation.

On the other hand, a former partner of Brueckner, related the gender violence that he exercised in various situations in the relationship and stated that if Brueckner is responsible “he needs to be really punished for it.”

The disappearance of little McCann in the Portuguese Algarve shocked the world in May 2007 and since then investigations have failed to clarify what happened that night when she disappeared from the hotel where she was staying with her family.


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