SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – When time is a river of slow meanders and fast currents, the moment that arrived at Scottsdale Stadium on Wednesday afternoon felt like a 400 meter high cascade.

It was the abrupt realization: when Madison Bumgarner threw his first spring flood event, coveted prospect Joey Bart was only 13 when the Giants won the 2010 World Series.

Bumgarner is so accomplished and yet so young. He is just 29 years old. When he threw those eight innings and forced the Texas Rangers to three hits on Halloween night in 2010 – a historic effort that sparked the Giants' victory in Game 5 the next day – the rookie had been legal for a few weeks.

It seems hard to believe that Bumgarner could have a teammate in the camp that grew up and watched him.

Shortly before the first training of the Giants of spring, Bart was the second …



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