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Madonna at the ESC: "Do you think you want to see me like this?"

Madonna has revealed a secret. In an Instagram video. So it did not stay secret for long. "I have not told anyone yet, you're the first to know," she tells the friendly American DJ Diplo, with whom she has worked several times. A guy with a cowboy hat and a sequined blue suit. He looks pretty much like the Cowgirl variant of Madonna, who graced the cover of her album "Music" in the year 2000.

"I'm going on tour," whispers the singer. The DJ is unimpressed: he almost thought that a new album, which will be released in mid-June, will be followed by a tour. She shakes her head: No, this time it's going to be a special tour. "Stadiums?" Asks the DJ cowboy. No. "Arenas?" "Colosseum?" Again no. This time it will be a very special tour. "I'm going on a theater tour," she kisses. The DJ: "Are you crazy? Why are you doing this? "Madonna is defiant: Because she wants to experience an intimate, intimate experience with her fans. Then there's – cheers – another toast, and the two start with margaritas. Cut.

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Yes, is it already 2015? This photograph could also have been made by Madonna in 1985. Or 1995

The worldwide hyped promotional video with the theatrical tour unveiled is curious because it told something similar four years ago. More precisely: In an interview with WELT in New York, she had imagined in great detail how it would be if she did something quite different on stage – if she did not play with dance ensembles in front of huge video walls in football stadiums for all eternity. Except that at the time of the WELT interview she poured tequila instead of margarita.

Because Madonna had supposedly composed most of the songs of her former album "Rebel Heart" on the acoustic guitar, I wanted to know if she could actually play the songs, which later got mixed up with all sorts of techno sounds on the guitar – if I had brought one , Answer Madonna: Yes, she could. "Only me, my voice, a guitar and my songs, that I would manage." Small restriction: "I would certainly get some songs better than others. But if I took my time and rehearsed really hard, then I could play you my whole album on the guitar, "she assured and paused briefly:" And you would be a very happy man then. Because that would be an exclusive concert for you. Who knows, maybe I'll do something like that someday. "

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FILE PHOTO: Singer Madonna Arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Gala, Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garcons: Art of the In-Between New York City, U.S. on May 1, 2017. REUTERS / Lucas Jackson / File Photo

A pop star takes off

Asked further – if she would dare to go on tour with just a guitar like Bruce Springsteen did. "Oh Gosh. I'm afraid I'll get bored quickly, "she said – and thought again. "But if I could joke between the songs and tip a few jars of tequila – that might be interesting, right? Do you think that people want to see something of me like that, that they would come to me for such a show? "I nodded: If anything else, there would be a lot of people coming. "Really?", She paused again. "Hm. Let me think about it. "

No matter – starting September 12, she will sing in theaters in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. From January 2020, similar concerts will follow in London, Lisbon and Paris. There is still no information about other venues. The fact that Madonna can also unplugged and vaudeville, she had sporadically already proved on their last tour: Then she sat, all alone on the edge of the stage, crossed his legs, played guitar and sang in French "La Vie En Rose".

There were not a few critics who thought that was the most surprising and the best moment of this otherwise bombastic yet not poor multimedia show. Less is more – only sometimes costs more. Tickets for the new theatrical concerts cost between $ 53 and $ 750, VIP tickets (whatever you get) even up to $ 2,000. The "Billboard" magazine has meticulously recalculated on this occasion that among the big earners in pop no one else has increased the ticket prices in recent years as continuously as Madonna. What an artist, who reminded us 35 years ago that we were all living in a "material world", is only consistent.

Happy Birthday, Madonna!

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"Like a virgin, hey! Touched for the very first time "and immediately everything is back: an earwig, many good and bad parties – and a casual attitude to life. Thank you and happy 60th birthday, dear Madonna.

Source: WORLD / Laura Fritsch

A controversy of a completely different kind, meanwhile, set to Madonna's announced appearance at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv on Saturday. Not because of the rumored $ 1.3 million she's supposed to get, because she plays two songs there as a guest.

Two days before the final there seemed to be no signed contract. At any rate, Jon Ola Sand, one of the ESC officials, said at a press conference. The contract signing problem is said to have been that Madonna reportedly wants to sing her hit "Like a Prayer". The responsible television station had however announced on Thursday that Madonna had signed the necessary contract.

It seems like an absurd petitess, the singer had herself but very clearly recently very different motives for their repeated appearance in Tel Aviv told the news agency Reuters after pro-Palestinian activists had called for an artist boycott of the ESC. "I will never stop playing music to fit any political agenda, nor will I stop denouncing human rights abuses wherever they happen in the world," she told Reuters.

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FILE PHOTO: Singer Madonna Arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Gala, Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garcons: Art of the In-Between New York City, U.S. on May 1, 2017. REUTERS / Lucas Jackson / File Photo

A pop star takes off

With this attitude she is the antipole to pop musicians like Roger Waters. The Pink Floyd co-founder has for years been supporting the BDS movement, which appeals to musicians, athletes, companies and politicians not to invest or play in Israel. Madonna, a longtime follower of the Jewish Kaballah teaching, has performed in Israel several times and started her world tour in Tel Aviv in 2012. "That was not an ordinary touring start. When I was in Israel at the time to prepare for my first show, there was much talk about whether the concert might have to be canceled because of a suspected bomb attack. That was a threat scenario. Everyone was very nervous, "Madonna had said at the time in the WELT interview.

"But I felt … See, Israel is the focal point of the universe. The message of my show was unity, unity. For me, Tel Aviv was the perfect city to start my tour. Although dangerous, I wanted to start in the eye of the hurricane. And performing directly to Tel Aviv in Abu Dhabi was almost poetic for me – connecting the religions on the tour schedule. If I could give a concert in Palestine, I would perform there. But, okay, I was in Abu Dhabi instead. "

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