Madonna is causing controversy again with a photo on social media

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Madonna (63) would not be Madonna if she did not occasionally cause controversy. This time she ends up in a storm of criticism because of a photo on Instagram.

The poses on Instagram Queen of Pop with images she collaborated with photographer Steven Klein for the magazine V Magazine made. But one of her ‘promo photos’ shows the photographer holding a knife to Madonna’s throat. And a lot of fans don’t understand that. They call it a “disgusting message” that “glorifies violence against women”.

But there’s something else about Madonna’s post that’s sparking debate. “Thank you to all who have supported us and slept on couches and worked long hours and all for free Madame X support”, the singer writes with the photos – Madame X is Madonna’s last album. Many find it unacceptable that a world famous singer does not pay her employees.

“Why don’t you pay them? Are you suddenly short of money?” someone writes. Another responds: “So you’re a multimillionaire and you expect people to work for free to support you? Because you call it art, they don’t get paid?”. But also: “The definition of exploitation is making people work for free in the name of Arts.”

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