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Home Entertainment Madonna "lifts" the flag of Palestine in the heart of Tel Aviv

Madonna "lifts" the flag of Palestine in the heart of Tel Aviv

The pop star of the United States, Madonna, used the flag of Palestine during a song performance during the European Eurovision Song Contest held in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, opening a door of Israeli criticism.

Madonna, 60, performed her new song "Future" with the American rapper, Cuevo, when one of the accompanying dancers appeared, holding the flag of Palestine on her back.

The dancer, who wore a long white dress, was walking alongside another dancer who also had the flag of Israel on his back, and a reference to the call to "bring peace".

But this act was not accepted by the Israelis, and the Times of Israel criticized Madonna's show of Palestinian flag in the contest, accusing the American singer of politicizing Eurovision.

The organizer of the competition, the European Broadcasting Union and the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation "Kan", said that the flag was not part of Madonna's rehearsals before the song.

She pointed out that she informed Madonna that the contest is not political, asserting that the Queen of Pop America made its decision without reference to the organizer.

Madonna said last week that she was coming to Israel, where she would defend human rights and hope to see "a new path to peace."

"My heart breaks when I hear of the innocent lives that are being lost in this region and the constant violence that is usually committed to the political ends of those who benefit from this old conflict," she said.

The contest raised calls for boycott by pro-Palestinian activists demanding that companies, artists and governments refrain from visiting the Jewish state because of its violations in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Madonna was not the only one to raise the flag of Palestine at the competition. The members of the Icelandic team took part in the competition one hour after Madonna's move.

This happened when the camera toured the members of the teams participating in the tournament ahead of the announcement of the results, where the Icelandic team appeared with Palestinian flags written in English "Palestine".

The Icelandic team was treated with great disdain by the Israeli public, which was heavily present in the theater.

A former member of the team has expressed strong disapproval of Israel's policies toward the Palestinians and said he would use the competition to draw attention to their suffering.

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