Madonna offers some remarkable advice: “If you want a career, show your ass” | Show

Raising controversy and being an artist, according to Madonna, it goes hand in hand. ‘People got so upset about the things I did, my Like A Prayervideo to my skirt that accidentally flew away at the first MTV Awards and exposed my butt, ” the singer says on Instagram. ‘Nowadays you have to show your butt if you want to have a career. That’s just part of it. ‘

In addition, the 62-year-old pop star gave more information about the film she is currently making about her own life. She is joining forces with Junoscreenwriter Diablo Cody. “It will be a tragicomedy about the start of my career in the 80s and the effort I had to make to survive as a woman in a male-dominated music world,” she reveals. Madonna also admits that the film will not be a musical, but will contain a lot of music. It is not yet known who will assume the role of the pop icon.

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