Madrid’s new advertising agreement could exceed…

Real Madrid is about to give a new economic ‘blow’ that would have a positive impact on the entity’s coffers. This has been confirmed by the economic portal ‘Sportico’, where they assure that from the offices of the Santiago Bernabéu they are very close to extending their sponsorship contract with Emirates. The new agreement between both parties will keep them tied until 2026, so the airline will continue to be the main sponsor of the club for 4 more seasons.

Thus, the rumors about a possible rupture in the relationship between company and entity have dissipated. Sources familiar with the matter assured that at the end of 2021 the Dubai-based company showed its intentions to activate a clause to extend the agreement with the Madridistas for one more season under the same conditions. Nevertheless, the negotiations between both parties have progressed satisfactorily in recent weeks and the agreement is about to ‘fall’.

In that sense, the aforementioned source reported that Real Madrid’s new contract with the Arabian company will give the White House profits of 70 million euros per season. However, this amount could increase to seven million euros more per campaignbut this option is subject to certain variables related to the sports performance of the squad led by Carlo Ancelotti.

In this way, Emirates is consecrated as the great sponsor of Madrid in conjunction with Adidas. The relationship between the airline and the Viking team began in 2011, when the company signed the club as a global sponsor. Later, in 2013 they became the main sponsor, occupying the center of the white shirt in a contract that added around 25 million euros a year to the coffers of the capital institution, as reported in the newspaper ‘ Vozpopuli’.

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They beat Barca

If the new agreement between Emirates and the meringues becomes official, the sponsorship contract of the current champion of the League and the Champions League will surpass that of FC Barcelona with Spotify. The Catalan entity signed its new link with the multimedia services platform this year, which is why the title of the application appears in the center of the Blaugrana shirt. To make this possible, the Catalans will receive 57.5 million euros per course, which can rise to 60 ‘kilos’ if certain variables are fulfilled.