Maduro’s Venezuela winked at Petro

In the middle of a press conference of the PSUV Socialist Party, the Venezuelan God given hair departed from his local speech to defend Gustavo Petro and, in its wake, disqualify the work of President Iván Duque.

He did so by stating that hopefully the leader of the Historical Pactwho comes from denouncing threats to his life in the Coffee Region.

In said intervention, Diosdado stressed that it would be a mistake of the “narcogobierno” of Duke allow such an attack. And in addition, he made it clear that “it is not because it is Petro”, which generated all kinds of reactions.

On the one hand there were those who supported the statement, but on the other there was the distaste of the Venezuelan interference in local politics, especially in favor of a candidate.

The event becomes more relevant if statements such as that of the former general are taken into account Hugo “The Chicken” Carvajal. This detainee in Spain has assured that Petro is one of the Latin American politicians who financed his campaigns with money from Chavismo.

The scope and strength of that statement are already being studied by the Supreme Court of Justice, which is also analyzing an alleged rapprochement between the elected senator piety cordoba and Álex Saab, the noted figurehead of Nicolás Maduro.

All this points to alleged links between the government of the neighboring country with Petro and the congresswoman from his coalition. And it is in this scenario that the candidate has chosen to try distance himself from Maduro and his closedespite comments like last Monday, which has not responded.

Diosdado and Petro link

The defense of the president of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly after the threat to Petro has a precedent that does not play in favor of the Cordovan.

In 2018 – also before an audience – Diosdado highlighted that Petro went to Venezuela to ask for money for his campaign –an affirmation similar to that of “El Pollo”–, and that after doing so he fled from Chavismo.

Diosdado’s annoyance was of such magnitude, that at that time he stated that the best thing for Colombia was the triumph of Duque, whom he criticizes on this occasion. Faced with such an accusation, Petro was not silentand answered that he never traveled to ask the Chavistas led by Nicolás Maduro for money.

Since then, the relationship between the candidate and the two Venezuelans has not been on the best terms. Earlier this year, Maduro described as “cowardly left” the work of politicians such as the Chilean Gabriel Boric, the Peruvian Pedro Castillo and Gustavo Petro; to which the latter stressed that “cowards are those who do not embrace democracy.”

That is why Diosdado’s recent support for Petro raises divided positions, since it is not known if there is behind and intention involved. Meanwhile, in the Court the process is progressing for the alleged financing of Chavismo to the current candidate for the Presidency.

In case of winning it, Petro has said that he will not oppose the reestablishment of relations with Venezuela.