Maëlys de Araujo (family ph)

His name is in the headlines, Nordahl Lelandais at the end of November was indicted for murder. This clarification of the public prosecutor (Jean-Yves Coquillat) Its main feature is to support a series of compromising clues to the main suspect, who remains “presumed innocent”.

Many things are written about it, but only one question arises: Can someone be sentenced for murder without finding a corpse?

It is in this state of mind that this former soldier is today. Of course, this question was asked! A return to major criminal cases is needed … Take the case of Maurice Agnelet , charged for the murder of his ex-mistress. He was cleared twice, but sentenced in 2014 to 20 years of criminal imprisonment . Agnès Le Roux disappeared in 1977, always nothing, only hypotheses and clusters of clues. In 2015, Maurice Agnelet who presumed innocent asked the court of cassation to review the case, it was rejected and the latter remains in prison.

Same confusion and uncertainty around the death of the little Fiona , whose body was never found, a trial will take place in January 2018 (29).

The main suspect in the Maëlys case

Nordahl can also think, as for the case Viguier (Professor of Law), he will be acquitted several times in the absence of a corpse! He knows it well, in the case of Maëlys, there will always be a doubt during a trial. His strategy of saying nothing, shouting his innocence is it the road so far?

His main counsel Master Alain Jakubowicz As you know, nothing says that in French law it is necessary to have a corpse to establish the reality of a murder. ” It can even become a handicap to defend a client » assures me a bailiff at the courthouse. In this case, his acquittal and his release, are not possible and we will give you the main reasons …

The clues are too numerous. Between the DNA of the girl found in the cockpit of the suspect’s car, the inconsistencies of comings and goings during the evening, the absence of Nordahl in the marriage room between 2:45 and 3:25 (which he refute), and his phone not detectable because put in mode “plane” are all questions that pose doubt on this character. The clues to the image during the passage of a car identical to his, in front of surveillance cameras, with a white form apparent in the front interior, and adhesives identical to those of his vehicle, form bundles of evidence who will be able to tip the case during a judgment.

Of course the entourage of the suspect claims the innocence of Nordahl Leland, like the latter against the investigators, can you escape the popular verdict?

Pont de Beauvoisin a peaceful village

No, the case has become too sensitive, the disarray of the parents of Maëlys is also making its way against him, uncertainty annoys, already in prison his co-detainees scrutinize him, his daily sentence is already there, reinforced by an act judged unacceptable by most inmates, when it is a minor! Nothing will be spared him in his cell, his silence on the affair of which he says he is not guilty, will not render him the soul of a total innocent, it’s too late, too easy maybe?

Ironically, Beauvoisin Bridge is twinned with Erbach Odenwald sadly made famous in the Middle Ages as a city cursed several times ravaged by the epidemic of the plague, a village haunted by its dead. Its inhabitants have at that time long fled. The same fate could happen to the suspect, the corpse of the little girl will always be there, like a ghost if the mystery continues. Nordahl may well find himself alone and helpless in the face of questions. Meanwhile, this Monday, December 4, the lawyers of Nordahl may be able to provide clarification.

Eric Fontaine

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