Maestro winner sor thought Simone Kleinsma would win

“To properly describe how I feel: oh my god,” says Rosario Mussendijk, as sor is called in full, with a smile from ear to ear. The rapper is thrilled that he has won. “I am totally flabbergastedIn previous episodes he already took on Plien van Bennekom, Eva Cleven, Pieter Jan Hagens, Bram Krikke and Henk Spaan.

As cliché as it may sound, Sor himself did not see it coming that he would win. “In the final, Simone and I went neck-and-neck. I’m not on TV as much as she is and a lot of people don’t know me yet, so I actually thought she would get the most votes.” Still, the vast majority of the public voted for it. “No idea why, apparently I liked it.”

In the future, the 25-year-old rapper certainly plans to continue with classical music. “100 percent sure,” he assures. “I already have a lot of plans, but unfortunately I can’t say anything about them yet.”