Maeva Ghennam attacks airport agents!

Maeva Ghennam big reality TV star is known for her strong character. Indeed in several programs like “the Marseillais” or “the Fifty” the young woman faced all her rivals without pity. But she does not behave like that only behind the camera but also in real life!

This Thursday, November 24, the influencer is going to the airport to take a flight to Dubai. However, while the travelers board the pretty brunette takes her time shopping, the plane unfortunately left without her. The story does not end there ! Ghennam, shocked that the staff did not call her on the intercom “as usual” to warn her of the imminent departure, she decides to make a scandal… On a first video she posted on Snapchat , we can see Maeva in tears explaining the situation to us. Then, on a new video this time if filmed by a passerby, we see him at the entrance to the boarding gate. She seems to be very aggressive with an employee of the airport, the videos go around the internet and buzz! If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll let you discover it…