Maeva Ghennam makes a fool of herself with her video where she films herself peeing live on Snapchat! – Tuxboard

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Maeva Ghennam makes a fool of herself with her video where she films herself peeing live on Snapchat!

Maeva ghennam finds herself once again in a bad buzz… She filmed herself doing her business live!

Maeva Ghennam connects the bad buzz! While she was on vacation with her mother, she filmed herself peeing live. A video that had the gift of shocking Internet users on social networks!

Another bad buzz for Maeva Ghennam

Definitely, Maeva Ghennam continues to talk about her! After her failed love affairs with Greg, she found a new man who put her in a controversy.

Indeed, Boli’s sister confided that Maeva Ghennam abused him and treated him like a “less than laughingnot “. Obviously, the current does not pass between the two women.

Subsequently, the bimbo made the buzz with her many surgeries which are, according to her fans, totally failed! His body is even unrecognizable!

Maeva Ghennam has also and above all been at the heart of criticism since she participated in the last season of the Cross.

Viewers denounce his haughty and condescending behavior towards his comrades. On Twitter, thes calls for a boycott are also very numerous. But the reality TV candidate laughs at the critics.

She takes advantage of her life of luxury in Dubai, but also and above all of her holidays with her mother. Indeed, a few days ago, she decided to travel with her:

“I’m excited because I’m going on vacation with my mother. I come back for a few days, and then we go to Iceland. Do you remember for his birthday I gave him this. We are leaving this week. I’m so happy, I can’t wait. It’s such a beautiful destination.” she declared.

To date, Maeva Ghennam is in Iceland. And once again, she found herself in a bad buzz!

A video that caused a scandal on social networks

Maeva Ghennam therefore posted several videos of her stay.

She seems very happy there, with her mother:“My babies I’m on vacation with my mom in Iceland, it’s really a magical trip, I’m so happy to share all these memories with her. It’s a country full of beautiful natural landscapes, I don’t even need to edit the photos hehe”, she exclaimed on Instagram on January 21.

Yes but now, a few hours after this messagee, the bimbo has been talked about… While she was in a car with her driver, Maeva Ghennam was seized with a pressing desire.

So she asked him to stop so she could pee. The brunette therefore relieved herself in the middle of a nature reserve in the country, on the shores of the sumptuous bay of Skjálfandi, in the north of the country. And she did not spare her subscribers!

Oh no! Maeva Ghennam filmed everything, even the smallest details of her pee. We see her and we also hear her urinating.

Maeva Ghennam then filmed the hole formed in the ice after its passage... A shock for Internet users who do not appreciate this lack of respect.

We can therefore read on Twitter: “That’s what the stories of your ‘influencers’ have come down to: snapping pee in the middle of nature???? “, “I would never understand what the followers of these people find interesting in their content. It’s empty, vulgar, embarrassing…”, “But what are polar bears doing? This species absolutely needs to be regulated.”

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