Maeva Ghennam: “She receives death threats… You ruined her life”; the reality TV star cited in a dark case

For several weeks, a supposed cousin of Maeva Ghennam reveals the darkest secrets of the reality TV industry.

It all started when the Marseillais star invited her whole family to celebrate her 25th birthday at her home in Dubai. Very close to his mother Saliva Ghennamher aunts, her cousins, as well as her nephews and nieces, the starlet’s birthday ended very badly.

While accompanying her family to Dubai airport, Maeva told about Snapchat that she had fallen out with her cousin Mayssane. Arriving in Marseille, Maeva’s cousin Ghennam swayed on his violent behavior and his “mythomania”.

But feeling threatened, Mayssane suddenly disappeared from social media. This is at this precise moment that a mysterious Instagram account, which pretends to be another cousin of Maeva, took over.

For weeks, has been leaking the most sordid secrets about reality TV contestants, reports Blastingnews.

Tired of seeing what could only be fabrications making the headlines of the people media, Maeva Ghennam decided to put an end to this charade by revealing the identity of his stalker.

On Snapchatshe broadcasts her face as well as her name and threatens: “I display you publicly psychopath. You’re going to pay me back for all the harm you’ve done me by harassing me, saying false things about me. And you can deny, don’tforget not that phones are limiting even if you throw it in the trash. Now you are unmasked! My babies, here is cousin’s face and : Linda Nathalie Dabel of Roubaix. I will take care of my stalkers one by one, I will never let you go!

After posting her face on her social networks, where she is followed by millions of subscribers, the main concerned decided to file a complaint against Maeva Ghennam. If she balances all the evidence and the complaint in question, continues to declare that she is not this person in the photo.

“She receives death threats, the girl is in a panic. She’s only 24, you ruined her life! (…) Police asked him to contact Dubai Police to make it go faster,” posted in his latest stories.

Indeed, there is indeed a complaint filed at the Lille police station on June 28, 2022 from the famous Linda against Maeva Ghennam.